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Monday, 23.1.2006
10:30 - 18:00 hrs
Tuesday, 24.1.2006
9:00 - 20:00 hrs
Wednesday, 25.1.2006
9:00 - 18:00 hrs

ACS Publications

Table T7


Mr I. Wartell 

1155, 16th Street, NW Washington DC 20036 (USA)

T +1 202 872 44 42, F +1 202 452 89 13


Agilent Technologies

Booth 4


Ms G. Minet 

Startbaan 16 1187 XR Amstelveen (THE NETHERLANDS) 

 T +31 20 547 26 00 F +31 20 654 57 48 


Agilent Technologies Inc. is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. Agilent’s innovative technological developments for on-chip separation and analysis demonstrate ease-of-use, speed of analysis, low sample and reagent consumption and high reproducibility due to standardization and automation. Join Agilent to hear of the latest technical developments and applications of Nano- and HPLC-Chip/MS and automated Lab-on-a-Chip technology for life science and chemical analysis. Information about Agilent is available on the Web.

Beckman-Coulter Inc.

Booth 10


Mr H. Dewald 

4300 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullaton CA 92835 (USA) 

T +1 714 773 76 49 

F +1 714 773 76 00


Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, tests and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes. Spanning the biomedical testing continuum—from pioneering medical research and clinical trials to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing—Beckman Coulter's 200,000 installed systems provide essential biomedical information to enhance health care around the world.




Mr Arnd Ingendoh 

Fahrenheitstr. 4 D-28359 Bremen (GERMANY) 

T +49 421 2205 244 

F +49 421 2205 104 


Bruker Daltonics is a leading developer and provider of innovative life science tools based on mass spectrometry. Our integrated solutions combine automated sample preparation robots, advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation, reagent kits and software for data interpretation and data mining.


Table 4

Mr M.J. Gilde, Postbus 455, 7500 AL Enschede, The Netherlands
T +31 53 489 24 71
F +31 53 489 36 01
Together with our customers we develop new microfluidic applications to make their business more competitive for the future. Our Capella modular microfluidic platform gives access to the glass chips, made with most advanced microfluidic technologies.


Table 1


Mrs. Kathi Williams

156 South Spruce Avenue, Suite 214 South San Francisco, CA 94080-4556 (USA)

T +1 650 876 0792

F +1 650 876 0793 


The California Separation Science Society (CaSSS) is a non-profit volunteer organization designed to organize symposia and provide other educational and networking opportunities for separation and bioanalytical scientists throughout the world. CaSS will organise and sponsor MSB 2007 in Vancouver, Canada


Booth 6



Mr T. Jakob 

Abberdaan 114 1046 AA Amsterdam (THE NETHERLANDS) 

T +31 20 683 97 68 

F +31 20 685 34 52 


Dionex Corporation develops, manufactures, sells, and services chromatography and extraction systems used to separate, isolate, and identify the components of chemical mixtures. With the acquisition of LC Packings in 2000, Dionex extended its product line to Capillary and Nano LC.

ELSEVIER Science Publishers


Booth 17


Ms T. Swijnenberg 

Radarweg 29 1043 NX Amsterdam (THE NETHERLANDS)  

T +31 20 485 37 99 

F +31 20 485 38 09


A wide range of our publications, including the Journals of Chromatography A & B, books such as The Essence of Chromatography by Poole and Chromatography by Heftmann and major reference works such as the Encyclopedia of Analytical Sciences, Second Edition, will be on display at the Elsevier booth. We look forward to meeting you there.

ISC Publishers


Table T3


Mr B. Howard 

30 Controls Drive Shelton CT 6484 (USA) 


ISC Inc. Publisher of American Laboratory and American Biotechnology Laboratory provides the scientific community with up-to-date practical information on new instrumentation and applications, conference reports and industry news.


ASI - Advanced Scientific Instruments

Booth 8



HPLC SMB Osmometry Knauer GmbH, 

Hegauer Weg 38, D-14163 Berlin, (GERMANY) 

Tel. +49 (0)30 809 72 70 

Fax +49 (0)30 801 50 10 


KNAUER offers analytical, preparative and continuous chromatography (SMB) HPLC-systems. LC columns, UV/VIS/NIR and RI detection systems, MS coupling, amino acid analyzers, as well as appropriate software complete the choice of high quality LC products. KNAUER also supplies capillary electrophoresis systems and osmometers.


Table T6


Mr H. Minhas 


Molnar Institute 

Booth 7


Mr. H.J. Rieger 

Schneeglöckchenstrasse 47 D-10407 Berlin (GERMANY) 

T +49 30 421 55 90 

F +49 30 421 55 999 


Software supported development of robust HPLC-Methods (Drylab), Easy Pealctraclcing (Peak Match) courses and consultance for HPLC-Method development.


Table 12


Prof. A. Manz

Institut for Analytical Sciences
Kirchhoffstraasse 11 D-44139 Dortmund (GERMANY) 

T +49 231 1392 105

F +49 231 1392 199 


MS Vision

Booth 11


Ms W. van der Laan 

Antennestraat 14 1322 AB Almere (THE NETHERLANDS)  

T +31 36 53 67 526

F +31 36 5367 878


MS Vision provides nano-LC separation technology for the Mass Spectrometry user community and has a wide range of solutions to enhance the sensitivity, selectivity and robustness of Micromass and Sciex Instrumentation.

Omnilabo International

Booth 16


Mr A. Andoniadis 

Takkebijsters 62 4800 DX Breda (THE NETHERLANDS) 

T +31 76 579 57 95

F +31 76 587 62 36


Omnilabo International is a supplier of a total range of laboratory products with a specialization in life science & chromatography. We cover a broad range of consumables as well as analytical GC & HPLC instruments, including technical service, maintenance and validation.


Booth 3


Dr My-Dung Hau 

10 avenue de l'Europe F-31520 Ramonville (FRANCE) 

T +33 5 612 856 84 

F +33 5 612 856 29 


PICOMETRICS presents the only range of modular Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) detectors on the Market. The ZETALIF detectors are compatible 1) with any existing conventional HPLC, and micro or nano LC systems, 2) with almost all Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments. In addition, Picometrics has a non exclusive worldwide co-marketing agreement with Agilent Technologies to promote CE-LIF solutions. 3) and, as more recently demonstrated, with new high speed/high pressure chromatography systems. Such as UPLC (Waters Inc.) and UFLC (Agilent Technologies)… Picometrics offers the broadest range excitation Laser wavelengths from 266 to 780 nm.

Polymicro Technologies

Booth 12


Ms Lyn Akers 

18019 N. 25th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85023-1200 (USA) 

T +1 602 644 51 70 

F +1 602 375 41 10 


Polymicro Technologies is the world's leading provider of capillary tubing and specialty optical fibers used in Micro Scale Bioseparations. Our state of the art manufacturing facility produces hundreds of standard products which include flexible fused silica capillary, square capillary, light guiding capillary, precision tubing pieces and thousands of custom products. Visit our booth to see how Polymicro can assist you.

Rheodyne - an IDEX Company



Kurt Iwertowski

IDEX Precision Flow Products

Berliner Ring 89, 64625 Bensheim, Germany

T +49 6251 7071610

F +49 6251 7071622


Scientific Glass Engineering

Booth 18


Mr H.J. Niebel 

Dolivostr. 12 D-64293 Darmstadt (GERMANY) 

T +49 6151 860 486 

F +49 6322 620 961 


SGE - known as the syringe makers, today manufactures a vast array of products for chromatography and mass spectroscopy. Innovative materials such as PeekSil add substantial robustness to modern nanoLC systems - Trapping columns, inline filters, unions and a broad range of analytical columns makes SGEs ProteCol line a seamless solution for your demanding application.


Booth 5


Mw. Ageeth Brandenburg

Shimadzu Benelux 

Australiëlaan 14 5232 BB 's-Hertogenbosch (THE NETHERLANDS)

T 073-6430320 

F 073-6426939 


Shimadzu develops and manufactures innovative products for laboratories in industry, science and governmental institutions. our product lines include analytical systems for chromatography, spectroscopy and environmental analysis . Our new division, Shimadzu Biotech, is aimed at the emerging Life Sciences and High Throughput Screening markets, and already supports preparative and analytical LCMS as well as MALDI-TOF systems


Booth 9

Solvia AG

Mr G. Sonsmann 

Klybeckstr. 191 4002 Basel (SWITZERLAND)

T +41 61 686 67 83 

F +41 61 686 65 65 


Solvias is a world leader in Biopharmaceutical Analysis, Solid State Phase Research and Analytical Development for the Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our highly experienced teams have a proven track record in the development and validation of individual methods for the characterization of biopharmaceutical compounds. We provide practical solutions for challenging tasks such as:

  • CE and CGE methods for the determination of degradation products from Oligonucleotides
  • quantitative determination of Process Related Impurities (e.g.: TWEEN 80)
  • Carbohydrate Profiling of Glycoproteins
  • Peptide mapping with ESI-MS

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive packages for the biopharmaceutical products (release testing, stability testing programs). Our Quality Standards are ISO 9001 and GMP.


Springer Verlag

Table T4


Ms I. Maerz 

Tiergartenstr. 17 69121 Heidelberg (GERMANY) 

T +49 6221 487 86 65 ]

F +49 6221 487 86 29 


Springer is the world’s second-largest specialist publishing group in the STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) sector. We aim to offer excellence – more than 150 Nobel prize-winners have published with Springer to the present date. Many of our publications are considered authoritative works in their field, read by academics and students, used by libraries and universities, academic professionals and practitioners in various branches of industry.


Table T9


Drs. F. te Welscher 

Hoflaan 234 1967 NC Heemskerk (THE NETHERLANDS) 

T +31 251 20 02 88 

F +31 251 20 02 51 


Products: SuperSales Curriculum (a 5 day assessment of personal attention; starting with a full blown ZKM analysis, personal sales training with focus on the sales process, mutual visits to customers.

Transformation in learning organizations in co-operation with 2.4C Coaching Mrs. Maričlle Franken (Avoiding Burn-Out; coping with stress; Develop Creativity; Minimize Sickness leave; Reduce personnel turnover.


Booth 1

Waters Corporation-Laboratory solutions for HPLC, chromatography, mass spectrometry, and laboratory informatics

Ms I. Pollice

Transistorstraat 18 1322 CE Almere (THE NETHERLANDS) 

T +31 76 579 57 95

F +31 76 587 62 36


Waters Corporation is dedicated to leveraging life science research from proteomics and biomarker discovery to the facilitation of novel molecular diagnostics. With more than 30 years of commitment to excellence in mass spectrometry, separations science and informatics our system solutions and exact mass approach deliver results you can believe in. We are committed to innovating and developing the tools you need to advance your proteomics research.


Table T5


Dr. B. Boeck

Boschstrasse 12 69469 Weinheim (GERMANY)

T +49 6201 606 523

F +49 6201 606 525


Wiley-VCH publishes for the scientific community, scientific societies and students worldwide. Our products, whether they be monographs, textbooks or major references work, are developed to fulfill -and anticipate- the needs of the se users. And whether print or online: We find the most effective medium and market authoritative and cutting-edge content to specialized and interdisciplinary communities on a worldwide scale