General Information


MSB'2006 will be held in Amsterdam at the RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre. This congress centre has been the venue for the 1992 issue of the HPCE Conference Series and the 1987 issue of the HPLC Conference Series. The conference will take place in the Forum Centre in the RAI. The Forum Centre is situated in the West wing of the RAI.

Plenary sessions will be held in the Forum Auditorium, also situated on the ground floor. Parallel sessions will be held in the Forum Auditorium and the L Hall. The L Hall is situated on the first floor next to the Ruby Lounge. Short-courses and workshop will take place in room M, N, N1-O1, O and P.The Vendors Exhibition and the Poster Sessions can be found in the Forum and Ruby Lounge.


Registration desk: 

The registration desk and information desk is situated in the Forum Lounge on the ground floor of the Forum Centre. For all-registration procedures your program book, conference bag, badges and further information, please visit the desk during opening hours. The opening times are as follows:

Sunday,  22 January  09.00-19.00 
Monday, 23 January  08.00-18.00 
Tuesday,  24 January  08.00-18.00 
Wednesday,  25 January  08.00-18.00 
Thursday,  26 January  08.00-14.00


Please wear your badge during the whole symposium. It is your entrance ticket to the lectures, exhibition, lunches and social events. There will be badge controls at the entrance to the lecture halls.

Badges are color coded as follows: 
No color  Participants (industry, academia, students)
Blue  Invited speakers 
Green  Local organizing committee and staff 
Red  Exhibition only 
Orange  Participant workshop/short course only 
Purple  Day tickets


There will be internet available on two PCs in the Forum Lounge. You can log-in and pay with your Credit Card. Cost approx. 7.50/hour.


Public phones are available in the RAI. You need a telephone card to operate these telephones. The telephone cards can be bought in a vending machine in the RAI.

Cloakroom and Luggage: 

A cloakroom including a luggage storage area is located in the registration area.

Coffee, Tea Breaks and Lunch: 

During session breaks coffee and tea will be served free of charge in both the Forum Lounge and the Ruby Lounge. Lunch will be served free of charge from Monday to Thursday in the Forum Lounge. Lunch is being served from 12.30-14.00.


The use of cameras is not permitted during the oral sessions. Photos of posters are only allowed with permission from the author.

Currency & Money: 

In the Netherlands Euro is the currency. Money exchange is possible at Schiphol Airport (on the Plaza) in the main train stations (Central Station), and at banks. At Schiphol, in Amsterdam and in the RAI there are machines to pull cash via a credit card or EC-card (Maestro). All of the hotels, most of the shops and restaurants accept international credit cards and some also will accept EC-cards. In The Netherlands many small costs (e.g. parking) cannot be paid in cash. In addition to a credit card or your EC-card you may consider getting a prepaid money card ("ChipKnip"). You can buy such a card at most train stations in the Netherlands at the GWK money exchange center.

Social Program:

Sunday, 22 January 18.15-20.00

Welcome Reception in the Forum Lounge

Monday, 23 January 19.00-20.00

Reception offered by the City of Amsterdam in De Rode Hoed at Keizersgracht 102, Amsterdam.

Tuesday, 24 January 18.00-20.00

Poster Mixer and Vendor Reception in the Forum and Ruby Lounge

Directions to De Rode Hoed 
Address: Keizersgracht 102 1015 CV, Amsterdam 
T 020-6385606 F 020-6254452

To get to De Rode Hoed take tram 4 from the RAI Congress Centre. This will take about twenty minutes. Do not get off at the stop Keizersgracht, but at Dam Square. From there, you can walk to De Rode Hoed (about ten minutes). From the Dam Square, pass the palace on the Dam Square and take the Raadhuisstraat (the tram runs through this street) until you reach the Westerchurch. Turn right on the Keizersgracht before the church and walk along it until you reach number 102. 

From the RAI, you can also take the metro to Central Station and walk from there. Head to the west from Central Station, take a left once you arrive on the Singel (first Canal), follow the Singel until you reach the Korte Lijnbaanssteeg (second bridge) and turn right. Cross the Herengracht and the next canal is the Keizersgracht. Cross the bridge and turn left. De Rode Hoed is at number 102. Walking from Central Station is about 15 minutes. 

Please view the map for details. A detailed map and help is available at the registration and information desk.