Information for Speakers and Poster Presenters

Oral presenters

  • All speakers are requested to bring their presentation on a CD or memory stick.
  • All speakers are requested  to check in at the Speaker Service Centre the day before the start of your presentation.  
  • The Speaker Service Centre is located in the Forum Lounge. Your presentation will be copied to a portable USB disk. Staff will be available to help check your presentation and any last-minute changes can be made. If you are not using PowerPoint for your presentation, please inform the staff at the Speaker Service Centre.
  • All rooms are equipped with a computer/laptop with CD-ROM and USB port, Microsoft PowerPoint and LCD projection. All presentations will be delivered from the portable disc. For exceptions check with the staff timely. After your presentation, your file(s) will be removed from this disk.
  • All speakers present yourself to the chairman of your session not later than 15 minutes before start of your session
  • Plenary lectures (indicated PL in the program) are 40 minutes; no questions allowed.
    Keynote lectures (indicated KN in the program) are 30 minutes. Speakers should leave 5 minutes for questions. 
    Oral presentations
    (indicated O in the program) are 20 minutes. Time should be allowed for a few questions.

Poster presenters

  • Poster panels 1 meter wide and 1.5 meter high are available. 
  • All poster presenters can mount posters on 22 January and on 23 January from 08.00 - 12.00 hours. Posters can be attached with thumbtacks (thumbtacks will be available).
  • Please print the poster number on the banner of your poster
  • Your poster is on display during the duration of the symposium.
  • On Thursday 26 January your poster should  be removed before 14:00 hours. Please make sure you remove your poster within the given time limit, as the organizers cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage.