The MSB'2006 will be held in Amsterdam at the RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre. This modern congress centre is located about 15 minutes from the city centre and can be conveniently reached. The congress centre has been the venue for the 1992 issue of the HPCE Conference Series and the 1987 issue of the HPLC Conference Series.

International Travel

Travel to Amsterdam is easy by plane, by train (Thalys from Brussels and Paris, ICE from Germany) and by car. The RAI International Exhibition & Congress Centre is located close to the International Airport of Schiphol and can be reached by direct train from Schiphol Airport in approx. 10 min. The RAI is located on exit S109 of the A10 motorway and provides ample parking spaces. For participants from non-EU countries (with the exception of US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan) a visa may be required for entering the Netherlands. Please consult the Dutch embassy in your country for more details. Chinese language support will be available to help with travel, accommodation, and tourist information.

Getting to the RAI Congress Centre

From Schiphol Airport

If you arrive at Schiphol Airport you can take a local train heading to Hilversum or Lelystadt which stops at the RAI Congress Centre. The train leaves from platform 1 or 2 about every fifteen minutes from 4 o’ clock in the morning until 12.30 at night. There will be one stop at Station Zuid/WTC in between. This will take you about ten minutes. A one way ticket will be € 2.50 (vending machine). For other directions, check here.

If you decide to go to Central Station from Schiphol, take any train heading to Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal). These leave from platform 1 or 2 about every ten minutes and will take about 15 minutes. Trains run 24 hours, but between 1 am and 5 am only once an hour, always at ten past the hour. You will need a train ticket to Central Station (approx. € 5 one way, vending machine) 

There are ample taxis at Schiphol. The fare to the RAI Congress Centre will be approx. € 25.

From Central Station

After arriving at Amsterdam Central Station you can travel to the RAI by tram or metro (subway). If you take the tram, look for tram 4 in front of central Station. It leaves on the east side of the Central Station square (Stationsplein). This will take about half an hour and tram run from 6 in the morning till about 12.25 at night. If you take the metro, metro 51 also leaves on the east side, but under ground. There is only one platform at Central Station. The metro 51 runs from 6.15 in the morning until 12.26 at night. This will take you about 15 minutes. Information about trams and metros can be found here. You will need a "strippenkaart" for the tram (see "Amsterdam Info Special" button on your left). The "strippenkaarts" will also be available at the symposium registration desk

There are ample taxis at Central Station. The fare to the RAI Congress Centre will be approx € 30

By Car
The RAI is ideally suited for visitors who come by car. It is situated alongside the Amsterdam’s A10 orbital motorway (exit S109) and has its own underground car parks. This means that the RAI is easily accessible for visitors coming from the Netherlands or abroad. All the main motorways can be reached without difficulty from the orbital motorway.

Numerous signboards indicate repeatedly to the RAI. 

Ample parking space is available at RAI. Parking is € 12/entry.



Large, international standard hotels are at walking distance from the congress centre. Accommodation will be available in hotels of all categories in the centre of Amsterdam. Participants who wish to have their accommodation arranged are kindly requested to contact the RAI Hotel Service, using the code MSB2006, via the symposium website (click at "Hotel information" on this page)

Currency & Money

In The Netherlands the currency is Euro. Money exchange is possible at "Grens Wissel Kantoor" (GWK) which you will find at Schiphol Airport (on the Plaza) and at the main train stations (Central Station) and at banks. At Schiphol and in Amsterdam and there are ample sites to pull cash via a credit card or EC-card (Maestro). In the RAI Congress Centre there are two cash machines. All of the hotels, most of the shops and restaurants accept international credit cards and some also will accept EC-cards. In The Netherlands many small costs (e.g. parking) cannot be paid in cash. In addition to a credit card or your EC-card you may consider to get a prepaid money card ("ChipKnip"). You can buy such a card at most train stations in the Netherlands at the GWK money exchange center (e.g. Schiphol Plaza, Central Station). For details of  the "Chipknip" check here.

Further Information Amsterdam and The Netherlands

Many more details about Amsterdam and the Netherlands can be found via this web site. Click on "Amsterdam Info Official" or on "Amsterdam Info Special" on your left for details. 

The Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board (ATCB) offers the I amsterdam Card which is the perfect way to become acquainted with the city's cultural atmosphere - with free admission, transport convenient discounts, and more. Details can be found here.


The weather in January in the Netherlands is typically mild (5-10 °C), windy and wet, but it can be occasionally below freezing point.